lico XLIC Exchange

The lico XLIC has been added to the TokenMom Korean Stock Exchange and anyone who owns our broker can now trade easily.

Also can trade through the decentralized etherdelta platform across my smart currency contract

Trading now tokenmom

Trading now etherdelta

Soon we will be listed on several exchanges   The currency rate is suitable for purchase

Take A Few Information

Lico XLIC The first Tunisian digital coin has real projects on the ground And can be used to pay for services and products We work day and night in order to succeed and enlarge our projects work .


XLIC Description

  • Type * ERC 20 :
  • Currency Name : Lico XLIC *
  • Number of currency : 100,000,000 *
  • Offering : ICO will be strictly limited one ROUND XLIC price :1 XLIC = $0.05 $ *
  • Minimum Purchase is : 100 XLIC = $5 *
  • Bonus : 5% *
  • Accepted currency : ETH, BTC; Dash,Doge,*

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Enter the currency into the largest number of trading platforms. Currency reached $ 1 or more during the first year.

THE PROJECTS 2019/2020

agricultural project

Website and application of the phone to shop and buy online through our currency and currency digital only

A social networking site that enables users to earn money. Example of participation or admiration of the image you get a bonus 0.0001XLIC

Decentralized trading platform

For more information go to WHITE PAPER

Compatible Wallets


Exchanges : We plan to be listed on

licoXLIC is the first Tunisian digital currency

XLIC can be used as a means to pay for services, purchase, trading, services with plans to expand trading platforms Lico XLIC uses Ethereum Blockchain technology using smart contracts to create secure, private and reliable connection links between our users..


LICO exchange will support Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH, NEM, and other cryptocurrencies as well as ERC20 and NEM . The exchange will offer high liquidity, a transparent order book, and zero fees. Traders can submit Maker orders or Taker orders at any time under any circumstances and pay 0% commissions on all trades forever.LICO exchange platform provides intuitive ways for users to create their own trading strategies that can be set to execute automatically through a What You See Is What You Trade™ interface they can design trading strategies making use of the industry’s most powerful tools and safely test all transactions.

Benefits and Features

1. Complete Privacy

2. Zero Trading Fees

3. One Click Ladder Trading Interface

4. Decentralized Account Balances

5. Volatility: Provides diversification to better manage volatility

6. Decentralized smart by Blockchain

7. Fast: Developed on Ethereum blockchain allows for instant transfers



foundress lico XLIC


official web wallet






The beginning of trading


The beginning of the agricultural project


online store


LICOXCHANGE global platform service begins


Privileges Lico XLIC

Speed and security in dealing with strong team lico XLIC will achieve success

Lets Get Started

Opening of registration and purchase on 1/1/2019 .